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Rybalsky urban concept

type: Urban design
location: Kyiv, Ukraine
year: 2016
status: Construction, wip
size: 65ha (1st stage – 10ha, ~300 000sq.m)
authors: Serhii Ferley, Mitya Gurin, Anton Oliynyk, Oleksii Pakhomov, Vadim Sidash, Vlodco Zotov

Rybalsky Peninsula in Kyiv is called an island. It is an abandoned industrial area in the centre of the city awaiting for a new life in the nearest future. The Rybalsky Residential Area Project is currently underway. The first stage of construction provides for 9 quarters in the east of the peninsula with the construction of about 300 thousand square meters of multifunctional development. As of today, the boulevard and two quarters have been constructed, the water channel and two more quarters are under construction.


The concept proposes to use the well-known Kyiv and Podol building morphology – urban quarter. The 100-year-old housing typology returns in a redefined way. The idea of ​​“expanding” the quarterly development to the adjacent territories declares a return to the human-centric city, multifunctional use of the territory, a dense street-road network. This is exactly what Kyiv has been losing lately through residential neighbourhoods solely with a residential function.

Development with a medium number of stories forms streets of human scale, which encourages people to spend more time on the streets of the city rather than in the shopping malls. The street type of this concept is diverse and includes thoroughfares, streets, passages, boulevards and a channel; the last two types of streets are pedestrian.

Not so long ago, the territory of peninsula was cut off from the Dnieper by an urban thoroughfare with continuous traffic, and the construction of a channel network will connect the area with the river, forming a series of public spaces near the water. People for long inhabited territories on the shores of reservoirs, which is also true for the Dnieper River – the main landscape factor of Kyiv formation. The Rybalsky Residential Area Project provides for river return to people.

All the first floors of the district are public; various commercial establishments will be located here. “In close propinquity to the house” is one of the principles of a comfortable traditional city, which is embodied in this project. The relative density of settlement and delimitation of spaces encourages the formation of local communities. Currently, a quarter is being built with space for the implementation of district projects on the first floor, thereby encouraging participatory involvement of district residents in management and further formation of the district.


One of the neighbourhoods is planned to have a universal children’s educational institution – Family Port, which will be created in line with the best educational standards. It will be the first institution in Ukraine of such kind, and further development of a new modern educational network is envisaged.

Each courtyard of a residential area is an area of ​​collective life, a place for communication and community development. The courtyard includes quiet green areas, playgrounds for toddlers and middle-aged children, and a two-level parking lot under the each neighbourhood’s courtyard.