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burø is a Kyiv-based team of architects, urban planners, designers and artists. We are working to create a space for people starting from idea to implementation in Ukraine and abroad. Our team combines dreamers with engineering and architectural education. Today, burø includes three groups: burø architects, burø design and burø visuals. In recent years, while working on a large number of different projects, a team has been formed, constantly working with different tasks and scales starting from subject design and design of public spaces – burø design, projects of collective housing and public buildings, territorial masterplans – burø architects, to the development of corporate identity and architectural visualization. – burø visuals.

Contemporary challenges and tasks are diverse, the scales and budgets are different, the team is constantly adapting to new conditions and tasks. In addition, the burø’s staff is involved into other project teams, such as Nova Kontraktova or Beyuk-Shore, as a part of large project team.

We believe that in a changing world with free market economy, the design quality is of utmost importance. On the one hand, we are constantly rethinking the past, including the Soviet heritage, and on the other, creating a new tradition based on critical thinking and global experience. We are in a constant search for new meanings, exploring nothingness, and laying the route between the fictional and nonfictional for the sake of achieving an ideal utopian future.

Ukraine, Kyiv


+38 067 945 13 70


facebook / @buroarchitects
instagram / buro.inst

instagram / buro.dsgn

telegram / buro_recommends

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