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Bandera Avenue Apartment Building

type: Mixed-use, office, housing
location: Kyiv, Ukraine
year: 2018-
status: Under construction
сollaborators: TERRA PROJECT
size: 54 620 sq.m
authors: Yevhen Borysenko, Yaroslava Dubova, Sergiy Ferley, Tatiana Liaskova, Anton Oliinyk, Urii Rymakov

The building is located on a site of a former industrial enterprise that was never built up. The environment has been actively changing recently under the influence of economic and social processes. Now a used car market is located here. The surrounding area has the largest concentration of shopping and entertainment functions in the city, as well as a large concentration of office buildings. It is the busiest place in the north of Kyiv, bordered by two roads and located near the interchange of the metro station and the city train. To the east of the site a stream flows, surrounded by abandoned territory with numerous mature trees and diverse fauna. This is the valley of the former legendary Pochayna River, described in the folk era of Kievan Rus, and now it’s part of a city project – a linear park alongside the entire river. The building project contributes to development of a new park by integrating into its landscape. It articulates the entrance to the park, and has visitor-oriented ground floors.