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Hotel in Yaremche

type: Hotel

location: Yaremche, Ukraine

year: 2021

status: Closed competition

authors: Sofia Bondar, Serhii Ferley, Viktor Fomin, Denis Matvienko, Yelyzaveta Miroshnichenko, Anton Oliynyk, Oleksii Pakhomov, Yelyzaveta Romaniuk, Vlad Vustyanskii

Why do people go to the Carpathians? What are their expectations from the trip? Tourists go to a different from the usual, low-urban environment with mountain landscapes and local flavor, so the rest in the Carpathians for them turns into reading a fairy tale, different from everyday life. Therefore, the natural and expected plot is an interesting story with a good ending. The hotel is one of the important components of this story: it forms the first impression of the destination and always remains in the memories a safe and comfortable background of vivid impressions.

The idea of ​​the project is to implement a landmark object that will create a new local identity, referring to the traditional, but avoiding direct quotations. The architectural context of the area was not evolutionary, and the progress from traditional wooden housing and typical local

church architecture to the present was interrupted in Soviet times by the construction of public and residential buildings. Buildings that do not concider the historical context have created the preconditions for today’s out-of-context construction with “unknown authors”.

These conditions do not contribute to the establishment of a single recognizable modern system of visions that could be strongly rooted in the imagination and occupy an important place in the cultural landscape of the region.

Thus, the project refers to the recognizable silhouettes. The material of the building is a metal sheet often used in traditional construction.

A recognizable silhouette, a bright experience of visitors and the creation of a new identity will increase the attractiveness of the area and the region.

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