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Ukrainian house

type : Public building / renovation

location : Kyiv, Ukraine

year : 2015
status : International competition Ist prize
authors: Serhii Ferlei, Yurii Ignatenko, Denys Matvienko, Anton Oliynyk, Olena Orap, Mariia Pakhomova, Oleksii Pakhomov, Andriy Schulyar

Ukrainian House on the European Square — A Place Where Ukraine Meets Europe

The Ukrainian House became the locus of many social activities and a place for free artistic expression in the early days of the Revolution of Dignity.

The purpose of this project is to provide newly emerged social practices and initiatives with a space for growth, enabling them to transform the society and turn the lifeless shell of the former Lenin Museum into one of the best multipurpose cultural centers in Europe.

The Ukrainian House needs to open up for visitors from all over the world and serve as a living poster for the Ukrainian values born during the Revolution of Dignity: Freedom, Dignity, Unity and Community.
The project relies on the building gentrification, imbuing it with new uses while preserving the existing framework. The project conforms with existing regulations related to the historical preservation. Considering that the building was initially conceived as a “Pantheon”, changing its purpose only later, it demands adjustment of scale, making it more humane.