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type: Housing

location: Kyiv, Ukraine
year: 2017
status: Concept
size: 9 500sq.m
authors: Olena Danylenko, Mykhaylo Churilov, Sergiy Ferley, Anton Oliynyk

This is an expression project, which demonstrates the time, people and attitude of the original environment. The surroundings – an architectural scenery – the “Vozdvyzhenka” district in the historic downtown of Honchari-Kozhum’yaky. The environment, formed over the last 10 years, is the largest incarnation of architectural historicism in Kyiv. The district is created in the image and semblance of the historical centre and strives for maximum similarity. Each building has a unique facade; streets are formed by adding one house to another. The building architecture tends to traditional architectural harmony and correlates poorly to the street.

The idea behind the project is to do the same, but with “-“ sign; the shape of the building is formed by “carving”, the facade is a solid glass, reflecting the environment and the sky, and the first floor is an organic extension of the square – a public space adjacent to the new building.

The project with a working title of “Antimatter” transforms a unique context into a background for simple form, disagrees with historical luminescence, and seeks minimal attention.